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Since it’s the start of the weekend, let’s talk a little about what to expect from colleges in the USA when the weekend does roll around. There is such a thing as “Thirsty Thursday.” It’s when college students start their weekend. Okay, not ALL students; there are the students who maintain diligence in their research and studies, but for the overwhelming masses, the wild party experience of life in college starts on Thursdays.

“Thirsty Thursday” is commonly identified with excessive drinking. It is an excuse to go out and binge. Even if you are not interested in such an activity, the energy can still be felt in the air. Less responsibilities, more freedom, the atmosphere really becomes laid-back and carefree. Especially in college cities like Boston, or on larger campuses like Penn State. And especially in the spring and summer.

If you decide to go out on the weekends and party, be sure to have some degree of restraint and control. It is very easy to get caught up in the indulgence of it all. There will be drugs, there will be drinking, there will be sex. You can decide how far you want to go with any of it. For a lot of people, college is a time of experimenting with new thoughts, new feelings, new people, new experiences.

Rest assured, if “Thirsty Thursday” is not the path for you, there will be other opportunities for you to enjoy your weekends. I highly recommend taking advantage of your college ID. A lot of museums will allow you free pass with your ID, and other places, such as theaters and performance centers will give you a discount. Exploring the culture of your surrounding area will not only add to your college experience, it will work your intellect in a leisurely way. Even if that means just getting a cup of coffee and sitting outside to watch people. Observation, study, research, they go a long way.

Maintain diligence! Good things will come your way.



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