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College is a lot different than high school, or popular middle school. In college, there is a lack of parental supervision, which means you have the extra leniency to make your own choices and do what you want. BUT, this does not mean you should slack off and skip class. It is most definitely an option, because many professors do not take attendance, especially in large lectures, but in smaller classes they will notice your absence. That being said, there are good reasons to miss class and there are not so good reasons to miss class.

Good reasons to miss class:

Say you have a paper that needs to get done or you have an important test to study for, these are legitimate reasons for missing class. If you manage your time well, you will most likely never run into these problems, but life is unpredictable at times, so on special occasions it is okay to miss class.

If you do need to skip class in order to study or write a paper, make sure you miss a class where the professor doesn’t keep attendance. In some classes, attendance will be tallied and will count towards your grade at the end of the semester. It’s also good to let the professor know if you’re unable to attend, this way you can know what section you missed and what notes to check up on via the internet.

Also, if you’re feeling unwell or sick, it’s okay to miss class, but make sure you go to the campus health center so they can take care of you.

Bad reasons to miss class:

Hungover, slept in, couldn’t get out of bed, apathy, indifference, playing video games, dog ate your homework, partying, it’s too rainy out, it’s too sunny out, whatever the excuse, that’s probably all it is, an excuse.

Bottom line, just go to class. If you really think about it, classes generally take up only 20 to 30 hours of your week. That’s a part time job, which leaves a lot of time for studying, working, and extracurricular activities like socializing.

When you study in the USA, classes are important to keep up with. When you reach midterms and finals, you’ll be happy you took the time to go to class. It makes all the difference. Be present.





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