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Get Involved | College in the USA

Going from high school to college can sometimes be a lot to handle. Figure it this way: in high school you have your friends, your family, your sports teams, your academic clubs; they are already in place and had been developing over the course of your teenage years. When you go to college, you kind […]

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Settling Down at School | Studying USA

When you first ship off to college, be prepared for the whirlwind effect: new sites, new sounds, new people all whirring around trying to get settled into a new life. It takes only a few weeks for these things to settle down, but it’s important to know what’s happening while it’s happening; those first few […]

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Joining Academic Organizations | Study Abroad USA

In posts past we discussed different organizations and groups you can join when you arrive at college in the USA. We talked about fraternities and sororities, sports clubs and teams, and religious centers. There are a number of ways to connect with people of a like mind no matter what your interest. So today we’ll […]

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