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The co-op experience | Study USA

It is important to take breaks in life. To go on holidays and vacations. It helps to disperse the mundane everydayness of the work and grind. A little time off will give you the opportunity to brush up on the studying you want to do, the books you want to read, the schedule you want […]

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Being alone and happy | Study USA

There are a number of things people never tell you about college. Beyond that, there are certain things that never get thought about. One such thing occurred to me this morning… “You don’t have to move mountains. Simply fall in love with life. Be a tornado of happiness, gratitude and acceptance. You will change the […]

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Having major dilemmas?

Without proper cultivation of a spirited work ethic, i.e. working in service and with a call to duty, we may lose our higher natures in an apathetic daze of dead ends and deadlines all the while denying, much worse ignoring, the mysteries of the commonplace. As a single footstep will not make a path on […]

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The Weekends | Study USA

Since it’s the start of the weekend, let’s talk a little about what to expect from colleges in the USA when the weekend does roll around. There is such a thing as “Thirsty Thursday.” It’s when college students start their weekend. Okay, not ALL students; there are the students who maintain diligence in their research […]

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Time Map | USA College Life

A good way to prepare for college life in the USA is to create a schedule. Make a to-do list for your day to day. Start out by planning your week, and then, each day jot down a few extra chores you need to get done. Go to class, do homework, study. Stick with it. […]

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