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Having major dilemmas?

Without proper cultivation of a spirited work ethic, i.e. working in service and with a call to duty, we may lose our higher natures in an apathetic daze of dead ends and deadlines all the while denying, much worse ignoring, the mysteries of the commonplace. As a single footstep will not make a path on […]

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Time Map | USA College Life

A good way to prepare for college life in the USA is to create a schedule. Make a to-do list for your day to day. Start out by planning your week, and then, each day jot down a few extra chores you need to get done. Go to class, do homework, study. Stick with it. […]

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Joining Academic Organizations | Study Abroad USA

In posts past we discussed different organizations and groups you can join when you arrive at college in the USA. We talked about fraternities and sororities, sports clubs and teams, and religious centers. There are a number of ways to connect with people of a like mind no matter what your interest. So today we’ll […]

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