Settling Down at School | Studying USA

When you first ship off to college, be prepared for the whirlwind effect: new sites, new sounds, new people all whirring around trying to get settled into a new life. It takes only a few weeks for these things to settle down, but it’s important to know what’s happening while it’s happening; those first few weeks have a way of influencing your first few semesters at school.

If you were a loner in high school, this will give you an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. If you were popular in high school, don’t expect to have a solid crew of friends right away. Going to college in the USA is a new happening and will provide varied potentials for you to explore and navigate, especially when it comes to your own personality, your likes and wants, activities and interests.

In high school I played a lot of soccer. I took a couple art classes as well, but most of my days were dedicated to practice and games. I always wanted to draw more and study more studiously the subjects of religion and philosophy, but my schedule in high school never allowed for it. When I got to college, I decided against playing soccer. This created more time for writing, drawing, studying, and socializing. To be honest, it took the whole of a few years to really ground into a new life of friends and experiences, but it was well worth the time I spent doing it.

The change at first was a struggle. But so it goes with change. At first it jostles your senses, you may lose the wits about you, you may be frightened and scared, or you may feel terribly alone, but ultimately, the whirlwind of change settles, and you’ll find a rhythm and flow that works for you.

Remember, you’ll be with hundreds, if not thousands of people in the same situation as you. Some may be lost. Others may be scared. But you’re all in it together. No one is alone.



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