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When applying to university in the USA, there are a lot of details to keep up on, i.e. attaining a visa, standardized testing, planning your stay, calculating costs, and the list goes on. That’s even before you get accepted and have to start planning your trip! It’s a lot to think about. You’d think a secretary would be necessary to help out with all the thinking.

That’s the advantage of having a network of people. A solid network will share in the work load. Whether that be thinking and brainstorming for class, or helping you with the initial process of applying to school. There are any number of resources to network your study approach, from Gmail chat to Twitter, but for getting yourself situated in the USA, there are teams like these, working in both Vietnam and the USA, who will support you throughout the initial application process.

Do you need help with TOEFL? Are you having trouble researching for schools? Are you interested in the different locations and regions of the US?

For a clearer understanding of what the team at this site can offer you, please visit this page for students. Through navigating the site, you’ll find a number of resources to help you out, including statistics on schools, yearly costs of living, tuition, etc. Take a few minutes to browse around, then fill out the contact form to get on your way.

Accessing American education is only a few steps away. But before you get too ahead of yourself, slow down. It’s important to take one step at a time in the process. Some of those steps will be grunt work, some of them will be research, but more often than not, if the desire is there and the drive is strong, you will one day find yourself studying in the USA.



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