What do colleges look for in an application?

In this post we’re going to take a general look at what colleges may be interested in when it comes to the application. First we’ll talk a little bit about test scores, then we’ll get into the writing of essays, and finally we’ll touch on the topic of extracurricular activities.

This goes without saying, but high test scores and good grades always look good on an application. But don’t worry if you’re not the best test taker, because tests don’t necessarily amount to everything. Colleges nowadays understand (to a degree) that standardized testing is not the end-all-and-be-all of determining intelligence; there are other factors that go into evaluating a potential student’s application.

For instance, a well written essay can really help boost your college application to the next level. Make sure you have your parents, peers, or teachers look over your writing so that your essay can be the best that it can be. And also, be honest and truthful in your writing. You’d be surprised how easily people pick up on fabricated stories and little white lies. An honest, well-written essay speaks volumes about your personal character.

Another aspect that plays into the college application is extracurricular activities. This includes sports, after-school clubs, theater, volunteering, or anything else you do in addition to what is already required of you. Colleges are interested in accepting self-motivated, pro-active individuals, those who take the extra step to participate in all that they can. Again, like a well-written essay, extracurricular activities say a lot about the strength of your character.

So there we have it, a general overview of what colleges may be looking for in when it comes to the application. Remember, if you’re interested in studying in the USA, don’t worry if you lack in one particular area, because you can always stand out in others. Colleges want to accept well-rounded individuals, students who are not only smart, but those who have a drive to participate and overcome difficulties.



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