Webinar 4/21: How To Apply to US Colleges

In 2010/11 academic year the number of international students in USA reached the history record of 723,277, a 32% increase since 2000/01. In other words, the USA is the most popular country to study abroad. This introductory seminar covers key information international students need to know about applying to US colleges, including:

  • The 3 key types of higher education institutions
  • What conditional admission is
  • What the rankings of institutions really means – and how to choose the best school for you
  • What documents you need to apply for undergraduate status
  • An estimated timeline for how you should prepare to study in the US
  • Which standardized tests you need to take
  • Tips for acing the student visa application and interview
  • Ideas for how to pay for college
  • Common mistakes students make during the application process



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